• Starting from 1.800.000 FCFA
  • (Admission procedure + Air ticket *)
  • No TOEFL nor IELTS nor any other English Test
  • No Banking Caution
  • Training fees to be paid only on the spot
  • Admission in English course + University
  • Length of the procedure: 02 to 08 Weeks after the universities and the cycle
  • English English courses at $ 1,645 per session (around 822,000 FCFA) payable only on arrival.
  • Affordable school board: between 5-7 million FCFA / year
  • Possibility to work and support oneself in the very short term

study in the USA


We give students the opportunity to obtain admission to a university without the need for TOEFL, IELTS or any other generally compulsory English exams.

  • Failing to pay their tuition fees from Cameroon, candidates must prove the capacity of their sponsors or guarantor to carry out all the expenses related to the studies during the whole stay in the USA. To do so, it presents the administrative documents of the sponsor, who is in fact a relative or a relative who undertakes to cover all expenses; it is therefore proof of financial capabilities through, among other things, bank statements presenting the history of financial movements.
  • The duration of the English courses to be carried out by the student depends on his initial level of English from Cameroon. who arrived at the US, the student performs a language level test which will allow him to indicate his level and duration of course to have the level required by the university to start academic training.
  • Each English session corresponding to a LEVEL has a duration of 04 Weeks for 30 Hours of class.
  • English courses range from 101 to 112. To be admitted to begin university courses, students must present a score of ELS 112 (on average).

? The costs of the English course are paid at the beginning of the session, at the end of the course the student receives a certificate of language level enabling him to begin his academic training at the chosen university. for specific reasons, decide to change university and enroll in a university other than the one chosen from Cameroon. In this case, once he has obtained his language level certificate, the student then a transfer letter for another university).

The final admission letter (I20) is issued (4 to 6 weeks) for the Undergraduate (BACHELOR cycle or License) and (06 to 08 weeks) for the Graduate

(MBA or Master cycle)

Documents required for admission to university

Certified Copy:

  • Certificates of Achievement, transcript of marks and original diploma (if available), Legal copy of passport (page showing photo and information)
  • 04 half-photos
  • Application form, affidafit of support (to be removed from our premises)
  • A statement of bank account (History of the last 6 months) with a balance of 8 to 11 Millions depending on the university.


On the opening of the file, we create a profile for each student to improve his chances of visas; a profile according to specific criteria that meet the conditions for obtaining a visa and the main arguments of the student.

Documents required for visa applications at the Embassy:

  • For non-worker students: (In addition to university admission papers)
  • Letter of admission to the University (I 20)
  • Attestation of Internship, English course or Computer Science if there is one (proof of what the candidate has done since obtaining his last diploma.
  • For already working students: (in addition to application documents)
  • Letter of admission to university (I 20)
  • Work certificate
  • Payslips
  • Letter of authorization from the employer, if still in office By sponsors: (in addition to the documents for the application)
  • Declaration of Assumption signed and legalized by each person responsible for the financing of the student’s studies. (if different from parents)
  • Parent Marriage Certificate or Photocopy of Sponsor’s CNI.
  • Sponsors Traders (In addition to the documents mentioned above, must include)
  • Map of Taxpayer
  • Register of Commerce

Any evidence of source of wealth (land title, shares, invoices, leases, etc.)

  • Sponsors Employees: (In addition to the documents mentioned above, must include)
  • Payroll Newsletter (last 6 months)
  • Letter from employer
  • Bank Account Statements (6 Month History)


Obtaining an F1 student visa and a stay in the USA

Opening of the file with our agency with documents required and in case of need to solicit our assistance to facilitate obtaining certain documents with the services concerned.

Designation Unit cost in $ Qty Cost Total in $
  • Application Fee $ 200 US $ 200 US
  • Courier Express courier 90 $ US 2 180 $ US
  • Translation of documents and diplomas

(realized directly in the USA by the translation service of the university)

US $ 100 US $ 100

  • Costs Total to be paid at the opening of the file US $ 480
  • Payment method The entire opening of the file

Receipt of the final admission letter (I20), payment of the I 901 SEVIS FEES

Description Cost in $

I 901 SEVIS FEE 300 $ US

Deadline and Method of payment

  • In full upon receipt of I 20.
  • Either 03 to 06 weeks after payment of DEPOSIT fees
Assistance request of visas (file + interview), start preparation student interview

Description Unit cost in $

  • IES Assistance Fees

(1st installment) US $ 300

Deadline and Method of payment In full, upon arrival of the final admission letter (I20) at the same time as the payment of the Sevis Fee

Meeting at the Embassy for interviews

Description Unit cost in $

  • IES Assistance Fees (Deposit refundable in full if the visa is not obtained)

US $ 600

Deadline and method of payment In total, at the withdrawal of the file by the candidate to go to the embassy and pass the visa application interview

Preparation for the USA

  • Purchase of airline ticket based on airlines and availability. Our partner ticket agency offers you multiple travel offers to your choice.
  • Arrival in the USA

Upon his arrival in the USA, the student goes to his university to take his language test and complete his admission procedures. It also proceeds to the payment of the session of current language courses.

Language session:

  • Session price: 1645 $
  • Course Hours: 30H
  • Duration: 04 weeks / session

How to pay processing fee

How the global travel and services processing fee is paid regardless of country: Pay 200 000frs after confirmation of letter of admission and 150 000frs upon obtaining the visa. In case of refusal of visa, tuition fees alone are refundable with withdrawal of bank charges

What you should know

Facilities such as accommodation, airport pick-up are charged on express request. Students are kindly requested to specify when opening the application.

Costs vary from state to state and from university to university. Allow an average of 200 to 500 US Dollars / Month

To support the loads of candidates and avoid the expatriation of our students, we put our students directly in touch with students already on the spot who can take care of the reception at the airport, and the first accommodation of arrival. Once there, the student will be able to negotiate with other students. Alternatively, the university offers accommodation on campus and a welcome service at the airport. These important details must be given as soon as the file is opened.

The reference currency is the US Dollar and accurately communicate on the basis of our partnership agreements. Please transfer to the local currency according to the current exchange rate.

Some universities require the student to pay at least the equivalent of an English language session before sending the final admission letter. This possibility credibilizes the visa application file at the embassy and in the event of refusal of visas all the same, the school proceeds within a precise period to the repatriation of the funds collected.

In case of voluntary interruption of the procedure, the costs incurred by the candidate are reimbursed only partially (Expenses of courier mail express and possibly the costs of translation of diplomas if the translations are not yet carried out)

At the beginning of the procedure, the candidate must complete and sign a contract of engagement which specifies the terms of the collaboration between the two parties.