To study in the UK the student must have a specific level in English, which can vary from one school to another, which may also vary according to the pathways and the level of studies envisaged.

For this, the student must pass a language level examination called IELTS (we do the preparation and enrollment, but the exam only takes place at the BRITISH COUNCIL in Yaoundé), but the student can also take the exam of TOEFL (we offer preparation for the exam and we are a TOEFL Internet Based Accreditation Center: TOEFL ibt)

We give students the opportunity to access several levels of study in England. Depending on the universities and courses offered by our universities, the student can access with a diploma of:

BACCALAUREAT (all sectors combined and whatever the age), and more (DEUG, DUT, Engineer, masters, maitrise, etc.)

Academic return dates






In addition, we offer students in the accounting training cycle the possibility of continuing their studies taking into account the number of papers already acquired in Cameroon in a specialized school.

Pensions we offer for University program



4 000 000 FCFA to 5 000 000 FCFA




5 000 000 FCFA to 11 000 000 FCFA



5 000 000 FCFA to 5 300 000 FCFA

3,5 years

How to pay processing fee

How the global travel and services processing fee is paid regardless of country: Pay 200.000frs after confirmation of letter of admission and 150.000frs upon obtaining the visa. In case of refusal of visa, tuition fees alone are refundable with withdrawal of bank charges

What you should know

pensions depend very much on the type of school and its standing.

The professional programs (ACCA / CCIMA / CCIM) automatically receive an MBA scholarship of the student’s choice, thus the pension for the duration of the training (ACCA / CCIMA / CCIM + Free MBA: 5,000,000 to 5,300,000 FCFA).

Available courses

All courses of study are available to students, although we do advise on certain subjects, given the constraints of visas, and the financial conditions.


We guarantee a scholarship for students in ACCA, CCIMA, CCIM; the latter thus benefit from an MBA Free of charge upon enrollment in the chosen program of study. Other benefits such as a laptop offered to registered students are also available in our partner schools.

Degrees and duration of studies

Undergraduate (BA Hons): 02 Years (BACC +2)

Undergraduate (BSc Hons): 03 Years

Master Foundation Program: 06 Months

MBA, MSc: 12 to 18 Months

ACCA / CIMA / CCIM + Free MBA (of your choice): 3,5 Years

Duration of proceedings: 02 to 03 Months


Our Universities are located in several major English cities: London, Coventry etc

Cost of the procedure

The procedure for studies has the particularity that it includes tuition fees. The student is obliged to pay part of his tuition fees to Cameroon before departure and before applying for a visa (we advise at least 50% of the total). Estimated costs can therefore only be determined after the choice of the school, the chosen pathway and the level of study envisaged.

However, from Cameroon, students can spend approximately 5,000,000 FCFA (50% of school pensions + charge procedure + our commissions + air ticket + visa fees)

Type of accommodation and cost

London: £ 800 = approx 598 800 FCFA / Month or 5 388 360 FCFA

Out of London: £ 600 = approx 449 030 FCFA / Month or 4 041 270 FCFA

These prices can vary significantly depending on the type of accommodation and the opportunities (student house, university campus, etc.)

Special Visa Application Requirement

the application for visas to study in England is subject to special financial conditions:

  • The student must pay part of his / her tuition fees (we advise 50% minimum) and obtain a final letter of acceptance
  •  An account with a one-year (01 year) value of the student’s cost of living (excluding the cost of the first pension), this account in the name of the student must be opened in a recognized bank branch in Cameroon by the competent authorities
  • Proof of the required language level (IELTS or TOEFL)
  •  Additional evidence that parents have significant sources of income


Opening of file for admission:

Certified photocopies of transcripts and proof of achievement

Certified photocopies of transcripts and proof of achievement

Attestation of IELTS or TOEFL with the grade required by the university

Photocopy of valid passport

04 half-photos

Application for visas:

Letter of admission to university

Statement of the student’s account with a minimum balance of 6 000 000 FCFA (account opened in a banking establishment accredited in Cameroon within 30 days before the filing of the visa application file, the statements are drawn and inserted to the visa application file)

Evidence of additional financial capacity of the parents (bank statements, with, if possible, all other evidence of property)