Booking Agent Training

This training will allow you to start a promising career in the exciting sector of aviation, travel and international tourism. The diploma is awarded in Montreal-Canada and recognized worldwide by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

The training to obtain the IATA / UFTAA Foundation Course at Global Travel & Services takes only 6 months

The profile required for the booking agent is as follows:

Anyone with an open mind

Age from 18 to 37 years

Should love travelling and tourism

What opportunities are there for you

With your IATA / UFTAA Foundation Course degree you can work in the following areas:

Airlines companies

Tourism services




Travel agency

International organizations

Car rental companies

Boat rental companies

Multinational company

Advantage of training

During this training you will have the opportunity to learn English for French speakers and English speakers will learn French. You will also take driving courses allowing you to obtain a driver’s license. You will have the opportunity to learn swimming, first aid and luxury cooking served on flights through our training partners.

Our professional training prepares you for integration into high-level international companies.

How to register

To sign up for the training of a booking agent, here are the things to provide:

Registration form to be filled in at the time of registration

A photocopy of your highest certificate

One full colour photo

A 60% advance of the training fee

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