Bank Caution Service

Bank Caution Service

Assistance to BANK DEPOSIT or guarantor

Do you miss the bank deposit in your procedure? You are not interested in this destination because you can not fund your account? or have a reliable guarantor?
FINISHED STRESS! global travel & services, the only firm that offers you this service at a ridiculous price. And it’s not over, you pay back the pace of allocations (disbursements) that the bank assigns you.

To benefit from this service, 3 modest requirements:

  1. Begin a procedure for studies at global travel & services
  2. Be of good character
  3. Providing a Performance Guarantee

We know that it is sometimes difficult for you to get the amount necessary to fund your bank account for your studies abroad, up to the amount required by the embassy, ​​even though you have the potential to succeed and achieve your goals:

Now we do it for you.
However, we only provide this service if and only if:

  1. We understand your motivations and therefore the merits of your project (training objectives and professional project)
  2. We believe in your results and your ability to succeed
  3. We believe in the seriousness of your approach and we find you honest!

What are the guarantees of good ends and why demand them?

The performance guarantees can be any valuable property you pledge or mortgage to reassure us of your propensity to refund the amount of your account’s supply at the rate of regulatory disbursements. We require it for the simple reason that we want to limit the risk of non-repayment, especially since you will only repay the equivalent of one twelfth of this amount monthly.

So are you in need? Do you feel eligible? Do not hesitate to contact us

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